Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of a diverse set of investors, operators, and entrepreneurs with
a successful track record of bringing big ideas to fruition.

Faisal Aftab

Managing Partner

Babar Ali Lakhani

Chief Executive Officer

Ather Imran Nawaz

Venture Partner

Omar Parvez Khan

VC Analyst

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Investment Focus

LIVC invests in Pakistan based opportunities, concentrating on investments where technology can be leveraged to enable, enhance and disrupt existing business models or create new ones. Our investment focus is at the stage in the start-up lifecycle where the company is less than 36-48 months away from a successful Series A round or potential exit.

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Pakistan is entering a high growth phase of the investment cycle; economic expansion and high GDP growth will improve FDI, employment and investor confidence. Among the leading emerging markets, Pakistan offers tremendous value arbitrage and a robust case for Venture Capital investment.


A significant opportunity exists to provide growth venture capital to innovative ideas and to help businesses execute their expansion plans. Pakistan is globally the most exciting market for digital adoption. It is the fastest growing market for internet adoption globally with more than 1m people getting connected via mobile broadband every month.


Pakistan has a population of 207 million with 111 million adults. 82 million Pakistanis are considered Middle Class, making this sub-group  greater than the entire population of either Italy, Germany, the UK or Turkey. Pakistan is home to over 50 million smart-phone users and close to 60 million broadband users.


Pakistan has a large, young and growing middle class with more than 70% of the population below the age of 30. Digital adoption is therefore rapid as younger people are more adept at picking up and making use of digital solutions in various markets. The demography of Pakistan is primed to enter the high growth phase of digital adoption.


Pakistan is globally the most exciting market for digitization. It is among the fastest growing markets for internet penetration, which has increased from 133,000 in the year 2000 to over 51 million in 2017. With another 50 million users expected to move to 4G in the coming years, Pakistan is ready to enter the High Growth Phase of the Investment Cycle and emerge as a digital powerhouse by 2025.


This shift to the digital economy will lead to transformational changes in sectors such as retail, financial services, healthcare, education and logistics, driven by 135 million Millenials. During FY17, 1.2 million transactions were processed through e-commerce. Pakistan’s e-commerce market surpassed $600 million in 2017 and is projected to exceed $1 billion by 2020.

Our Relationship with Portfolio Companies

We don’t write a cheque and hope for the best; we get in the trenches with our portfolio companies and ensure their success.
Strategy Development

Act as a soundboard and help our portfolio companies build a business plan that works.

Network Connections

Connect our portfolio companies with our vast network of business partners, advisors and investors.

Operational Support

Provide support to our portfolio companies in any area of the business that they need.

Our Relationship with Investors

Our investors’ interests always come before our own. Our commitment, integrity,
professional excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and
teamwork is what sets us apart.

Investors can participate in aiding deal-flow and due-diligence process.

Co – Investment

Investors can co-invest in their favorite


Investors can engage in open dialogue with us as well as portfolio companies.

Part of The Lakson Group

LIVC is part of Lakson Investments Limited, the investment management arm of The Lakson Group, which is licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan to provide asset management and investment advisory services under the Non Banking Finance Companies Rules, 2003 and Notified Entities Regulations, 2008.

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As a responsible organization we are committed to our social and environmental responsibilities.

The family have been actively involved with Special Olympics Pakistan and supported their activities nationally for over twenty years.


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