We manage your money,
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Mutual Funds

Lakson Investments manages 6 open-end mutual funds investing across Pakistan Debt and Equity asset classes. For domestic investors we also offer International funds to our domestic clients. Our Pakistan funds include: a Money Market Fund (LMMF), a High Yield Credit Fund (LIF), a Long Only Equity Fund (LEF), a Conventional and a Shariah compliant Tactical Asset Allocation Fund (LITF) and an Asset Allocation Fund which invests in overseas markets (LAADMF).

Managed Accounts

Lakson Managed Accounts are segregated mandates and are tailor made to suit the needs of the client. We work with each client to determine their specific risk-return profile and create with them the right customised portfolio for them with the desired direct exposure to sovereign debt, corporate papers, bank placements, equities and other securities as deemed appropriate.

Private Equity

In Q3 2017, Lakson Investments launched the Lakson Investment Private Equity (“LI PE”) Fund , which is led by a senior team of partners with extensive domestic and international experience. The Private Equity Fund is expected to be make its first investment in Q3 2018.

Venture Capital

Lakson Venture Capital is our newest Fund and will work with our team of over 50 experienced professionals and seek to leverage the vast operational experience of the Lakson Group. Over 14,000 people are employed by Lakson in Pakistan in businesses across sectors such as: Technology, Broadcast and Print Media, FMCG, Insurance, and QSR.


Equities, Fixed Income, Private Equity and Venture Capital


Assets under management (PKR)
Under Collective Investment Schemes and discretionary advisory service


Years of combined investment experience within the investment management team

About Lakson Investments

Lakson Investments is Pakistan’s largest independent asset manager with over $300 million under management. We offer our clients the ability to invest into Pakistan Fixed Income, Public Equity, Tactical Asset Allocation, Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds, and Segregated Mandates.

Our team of experienced, driven and highly qualified professionals create an unwavering level of commitment to consistently outperform. We have the largest dedicated team of fundamental bottom-up analysts tasked to uncover undervalued stocks and bonds in the Public Equity and Debt markets. We aim to provide growth capital to new and growing private companies in Pakistan that we believe offer the greatest upside and future profitability in the Private Equity and Venture Capital space.

Since its inception in 2008, Lakson Investments has continued to prove its credibility. It has made recognizable advancements and delivered superior performance and risk management expertise over a portfolio of innovative produc­­­­­­ts across a range of investment disciplines. Licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan and with a rating of AM2+, we offer asset management and investment advisory services across 6 unique and open-ended mutual funds, a Private Equity Fund and soon will offer investors the ability to invest in the exciting world of Venture Capital, an asset class that truly supports the new Pakistan.

Our Vision

We seek to build sustainable long-term shareholder value, and to be an employer of choice in the asset management industry.

We aim to deliver superior performance as measured by market share parameters, high-quality service and a portfolio of innovative yet tailored products across a range of investment disciplines and distribution channels. Lakson provides a fulfilling, stimulating and supportive environment for our employees that fosters their personal growth and facilitates our productivity as a team.

Daily price

Fund Offer Redemption Application Date
Lakson Equity Fund (LEF) 100.6457 97.7142 2019-05-29
Lakson Tactical Fund (LTF) 96.3357 93.9860 2019-05-29
Lakson Islamic Tactical Fund (LITF) 88.5688 86.4085 2019-05-29
Lakson Money Market Fund (LMMF) 108.0728 108.0728 2019-05-30
Lakson Income Fund (LIF) 109.2358 107.6214 2019-05-29
Lakson Asset Allocation Developed Markets Fund (LAADMF) 151.9889 148.2818 2019-05-29

Research-based investment solutions.

Lakson Investments strongly believes in research based investments, and does not employ speculation based portfolio strategies.  Lakson has a fully staffed research team of business graduates from highly respected institutions (such as LUMS & IBA) and CFA candidates that develop and track comprehensive financial models for equity and fixed income securities. Our research team tracks and monitors key sectors of the stock market, and provides updates and detailed research reports to the respective fund managers and the Investment Committee.

Our dedicated in-house research team plays a critical role in making disciplined investment decisions based on their analysis, that takes into account changes in company fundamentals, market trends, macro-economic changes, and shifts in fiscal and monetary policy, thereby  generating superior risk-adjusted returns. The research team assists the Investment Committee in investment decisions.