Founder & GP at Zayn.VC | Early Stage VC |
Global Macro Thesis | Early Investor: BTC ETH


| Founder & GP at Zayn.VC | Early Stage VC | Global Macro Thesis | Early Investor: BTC ETH

| Founder & GP at Zayn.VC | Early Stage VC | Global Macro Thesis | Early Investor: BTC ETH

| Founder & GP at Zayn.VC | Early Stage VC | Global Macro Thesis | Early Investor: BTC ETH

| Founder & GP at Zayn.VC | Early Stage VC | Global Macro Thesis | Early Investor: BTC ETH

Faisal is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the Founder & General Partner of Zayn Venture Capital, a leading venture capital fund focused on early-stage ventures in Pakistan.

He is considered to be one of the most prolific investors with the highest number of notable investment calls in Pakistan. His track record includes: NayaPay, Haball.pk, PostEX, Abhi Finance, AdalFi, Bazaar-tech, KTrade, SnappRetail, Laam.pk, EduFi, Tazah, GrocerApp, Truck It In, Savyour, Krave Mart, Bookme.pk, Roomy.pk, Bagallery, Trellis Housing Finance and Zaraye.

Faisal was also a founding partner of Lakson Venture Capital before creating Zayn Venture Capital. He built the Lakson Fund from the ground up as Managing Partner and Executive Director, attaining one the highest TVPIs in just 3 years. Along with his notable early investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum, his substantial expertise in venture capital and private investing has given him a thorough grasp of blockchain technology and global macroeconomics, which he applies to his investment decisions.

Faisal has joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Michigan State University USA and an MBA from Oxford University. He has also been an investor in Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Funds and an active Angel Investor for over 15 years. Faisal is a limited partner at Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital Fund 500 Startups.

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Board Member since April 2019


Board Member since November 2020


Board Member since May 2021

National Incubation

Advisory Council since June 2021


Board Member since August 2021


Board Member since August 2021


Board Member since October, 2021


Board Member since December 2021


Advisory Board since February, 2022


Board Member since February 2022


Advisory Board since November 2022

Abhi Finance

Advisory Board since November 2022


Board Member since May 2023


Board Member from September 2020 to April 2021

Knowledge Platform

Board Member from September 2019 to April 2021


Faisal's deep understanding of economics, global currencies, the allocation of capital and risk and a successful entrepreneurship background means he can outsmart near-term most contemporaries.

Muneeb Mayr

Founder at Bykea, Pakistan's leading Platform Founder at Bykea,

Faisal has been a soundboard and an informal advisor for me personally. I always look forward to bouncing key strategic ideas by him as I feel that his deep knowledge of fintech and the digital payment’s landscape is unparalleled in Pakistan.

Ali Ladhubhai

Co-Founder & COO of Abhi (YC 21)

Faisal Bhai is Bookme’s first institutional investor and a Board Member. He has been a mentor and a soundboard for me personally through ups and downs. He always makes himself available and I find myself reaching out to him for strategic decisions as if he is a Co-Founder. His enthusiasm, experience, sound advice and constant motivation has kept us grounded and contributed to Bookme’s scaling to one of the leading platforms in Pakistan!

Faizan Aslam

CEO & Founder at Bookme, Pakistan's Leading Online Ticketing Platform

Faisal has led LIVC’s investment in our Edtech venture www.knowledgeplatform.com.pk and has joined our board of directors. He is brilliant, strategic, empathetic, dedicated and works with the highest integrity. I regularly seek and cherish his advice. And he is best VC ever!

Mahboob Mahmood

Founder Knowledge Platform | Green Guardians

Working with Faisal has been a game changer for me. Anyone would be lucky to have access to his knowledge, foresight and macro analysis, and I have had a front row seat! These two years I tried to download as much data from his brain as I could, and I came out with a new outlook on the world which I know will serve me well wherever I go. Any aspiring or experienced VC, entrepreneur, or other professional would do well to reach out to Faisal for advice and mentorship, and any smart investor would back whichever fund he manages. He is one of the most experienced and technically sound VCs in Pakistan today, and we are lucky to have him.

Omar Parvez Khan

Product, Fundraising Consultant/Fractional CFO